Schools Programme

18th Jan 2019
Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin

Art Workshops

The following art workshops are available for those who are interested in exploring the exhibition art work in more detail. Workshops will explore the historical significance of art, styles, techniques and artistic choice. Each session will consist of a 1 hour tour followed by a 1 hour workshop and are available for groups of 20 max at a cost of £80.

‘Artist as Storyteller’ (Tour & workshop)

Looking at narrative and point of view, participants will explore how artists convey mood and emotion through different techniques. Groups will have a guided tour of the exhibition followed by an art workshop looking at key pieces in the exhibition from artists Margaret Allen and Pádraic Reaney.

‘Colour, Metaphor & Symbols’ (Tour & workshop)

Looking at artistic choice from colour to content, the participants will dissect the work of Michael Farrell’s piece ‘Black 47.’ The group will look at how crucial the artist’s choices of colour, lighting, medium and imagery are in forming a piece of art which has such historical significance.

‘An Gorta Mór – From Then to Now’

Using clips from short film ‘The Hunger Times’ the group will discuss how the famine is relevant to them today. Participants will explore how they can reduce waste and will design art works using recycled materials in response to the famine exhibition pieces.

‘From Abstract to Figurative’ (Tour & workshop)

Participants will look at the exhibition layout, comparing two contrasting pieces and discussing the techniques used in each art work. Each individual will develop a piece of art work inspired by the famine in response to an abstract or figurative style they have seen in the exhibition.



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