Traditions Meet

February 2018 – August 2018

Traditions Meet is a unique project, which will bring together musicians and dancers from the Irish Traditional, Ulster Scots and Marching bands communities in a series of workshops and performances, celebrating the similarities and differences of their musical roots.

Composer, producer and educator Sid Peacock has been commissioned to compose a new piece of music, featuring the respective musical genres. Award winning choreographer Georgina Kee, will work with dancers from the respective dance traditions. The piece will be developed over six months, with three performances staged across the region.

The project will begin with open workshops during IMBOLC International Music Festival in January 2018. Performances will also be included in other festivals, including the Walled City Tattoo and Foyle Fringe.

6 x 4-hour music workshops

13 x 2-hour dance workshops

3 x performances