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Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin’s journey began in 1984 with a commitment to Irish language education in Derry's Bogside. Today, Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin, our vibrant language and arts centre, offers Irish language and music classes to nearly hundreds of people each year, and runs a programme of creative and social opportunities to use the language and experience “An Cultúr Gaelach”, Irish culture, through music, poetry, dance, drama and social activities.

Our mission is to nurture the Irish language and culture, fostering connections through education, celebration, and creativity. We envision a bilingual North West, where Irish has just as much value as English in everyday life, and we promote appreciation, integrity, compassion and community as our fundamental values.

We believe volunteers can play a vital role in our journey to create a bilingual North West. If you join us, you'll contribute to expanding our reach, be part of our dynamic Irish language and cultural programs, and help us create a welcoming space where the Irish language is embraced and encouraged. We can offer you chances to use your Irish, build networks of likeminded people and become a transformative force in preserving and promoting Irish culture. We’d love you to come and be a part of our vision—building a community where the Irish language and arts are a natural part of life in Northern Ireland.

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